The Absence

in development * feature film fiction

Writer & Director: Rainer Kirberg


The Absence follows Aleixo, a young surfboard designer in a Galician coast village, into the most existential adventure of his life. Aleixo is faced with the need to feed his wife Mariña and their soon-tobe- born baby, illegally fishing for percebes (goose barnacles) – an extremely dangerous task, rewarded with one of the highest-priced seafood in the world. Aleixo will be challenged by the forces of nature: having set out to work he suffers an accident and loses his boat, rescueing himself and his dog Coxo to a far away island that nobody knows. For four days and four nights Aleixo seeks for salvation, surrounded by the heavy breath of the ocean.

In co-production with Zeitun Films, Spain.
Funded by BKM script development fund, Germany and AGADIC production Fund, Spain.