posted on 30/01/2014:

Caroline Kirberg collaborated on five productions that will premiere at this year's Berlinale:

Forum Expanded:

UMSONST by Stephan Geene
AS FROM AFAR by Dani Gal
BEYOND METABOLISM by Stefanie Gaus & Volker Sattel
RAINBOW'S GRAVITY by Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schroedinger

Perspektive Deutsches Kino:

SCENARIO by Philip Widmann & Karsten Krausebr

posted on 25/11/2013:

Besides jucca film, our team is happy to announce the following news:

SONNWENDE, writer & co-director: Judith Angerbauer, produced by Heimatfilm, has its German cinema release on 12th December. HOUSTON by Bastian Günter, dop: Michael Kotschi, produced by Lichtblick Media has its German cinema release on 5th December. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports the animated short film KRABSTADT – SEX & TAXES by Swedish artists Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno Kim. Caroline Kirberg is the German coproducer.

posted on 15/08/2013:

We are happy that the development of our fiction feature THE ABSENCE will be funded by the MEDIA Development Fund!

posted on 20/01/2013:

Press reviews for the cinema release of THE SLEEPING GIRL:

„Surely one of the most interesting German films this year."
Lous Vazquez,

„THE SLEEPING GIRL has an unprecedented appeal.“
Ulrich Kriest, Film-Dienst

„A very personal homage to the era of Western German Avantgarde.“
Simon Broll,

„A well worth seeing contribution to the German art and cultural history.“
Elena Meilicke,

”The delectably rich essayistic message in a bottle that captures more than a zeitgeist.”
Alexandra Wach, monopol

„A radically independent film, consistently experimental.“
Christian Horn,

“The gallery of women that drove artists crazy ranges from Mörike’s gypsy Peregrina to Antonioni’s mystery women who vanish in the fog. Ruth is one of them. With great devotion Rainer Kirberg draws the most beautiful portrait of her fragile nature.”
Rainer Gansera, Süddeutsche Zeitung

posted on 18/01/2013:

THE SLEEPING GIRL by Rainer Kirberg in German cinemas since January 17th:


Kino Zukunft am Ostkreuz until Feb 6th daily 21:30
Nomadenkino at special locations until Feb 27th
Regenbogenkino until Jan 28th daily 19:00
Kino Arsenal until Jan 24th daily 20:00


Filmpalette until Feb 20th


Kommunales Kino until Feb 18th


Luru Kino until Feb 14th


Black Box/Filmmuseum until Feb 6th


Filmhaus until Jan 30th


Orfeos Erben until Jan 24th


Werkstattkino until Jan 23th