2009 * mid-lenght fiction film * 27 min. * HD * 1:2,35 * Dolby 5.1 digital

Writer & Director: Judith Angerbauer


Moritz, a manic-depressive director of commercials in his early forties, lies in a thermal bed in hospital after jumping into the half-frozen canal in Berlin. His ex-girlfriend Toni, his sister Clara and his current flame Molly all end up spending the night in his apartment to get him clothes, wait for news from the hospital, and to do a little soul searching on topics as diverse as having children, AC/DC's "Highway To Hell", the nutritional benefits of eggs, 90's cult advertisements, the world's dumbest suicides, and the meaning of love. After this night, they won´t be strangers anymore, On there way back to the hospital, they receive a message...

Supported by Camelot Broadcast Services, Neumann the microphone company, Elektrofilm Berlin.