The Sleeping Girl

2011-2013 * fiction feature * 105 min. * b/w * HD * 16:9 * 5.1 digital

Writer & Director: Rainer Kirberg


Dusseldorf at the beginning of the 1970s. The young and introverted Beuys-student Hans meets Ruth, a youthful stray who lives in a city park. Fascinated by her, Hans makes Ruth the motif of his video art and accommodates her in his studio. As she quickly adopts to the art scene, Hans fears that she may slip from his hands and locks her up. He believes that he can study the girl’s mystery within the test laboratory of art. In this experimental process, Hans inextricably confuses art and real life. The fiction feature The Sleeping Girl by artist and auteur filmmaker Rainer Kirberg consequently tells its boy-meets-girl story through the camera of the art student Hans. The film is a fascinating crossover of classical narrative with self-referential video art.

In co-production with entropie film, Joroni Film, Monitorpop Entertainment, bbooks av.
Supported by 25p cine support, Wellenstein Contemporary Costumes, Ata Tak Sound Studio as well as the artists Marc Brandenburg, Günter Brus, Wolfgang Müller and Edition Kröthenhayn.


2011 BERLINALE Berlin International Film Festival
2011 BAFICI Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film
2011 MOLODIST International Film Festival Kiev
2011 NEW HORIZONS Wroclaw International Film Festival
2011 UNDERDOX dokument und experiment München
2012 OLHAR DE CINEMA International Film Festival Curitiba
2013 MAX OPHÜLS PREIS Saarbrücken Film Festival


Arsenal Distribution Berlin Cinema Release: 17. Januar 2013



Press review:

„Surely one of the most interesting German films this year."
Lous Vazquez,

„THE SLEEPING GIRL has an unprecedented appeal.“
Ulrich Kriest, Film-Dienst

„A very personal homage to the era of Western German Avantgarde.“
Simon Broll,

„A well worth seeing contribution to the German art and cultural history.“
Elena Meilicke,

”The delectably rich essayistic message in a bottle that captures more than a zeitgeist.”
Alexandra Wach, monopol

„A radically independent film, consistently experimental.“
Christian Horn,

“The gallery of women that drove artists crazy ranges from Mörike’s gypsy Peregrina to Antonioni’s mystery women who vanish in the fog. Ruth is one of them. With great devotion Rainer Kirberg draws the most beautiful portrait of her fragile nature.”
Rainer Gansera, Süddeutsche Zeitung